Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Anwar Set For Suspects JIS

Anwar , alleged sexual harassment at the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , died while undergoing examination . He was questioned as a suspect since at 04.00 am in the morning in the women's and children's unit ( PPA ) , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .

In a press conference at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters at about 15:00 pm , the General Directorate of Criminal Anwar as yet to name a suspect . And then , the police announce and display the five suspects in the case to the media . The suspects are AW , AG , ZA , SJ and AF .
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" Time release ( Anwar ) had been arrested and examined , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Sr. Comr Rikwanto , Saturday night .

However , further Rikwanto , when being examined that Anwar tried to commit suicide by gulping liquid floor cleaner in the toilet PPA .

" The suspect drinking porstex and was rushed to the hospital Kramat Jati , so that did not participate in the present ( the press conference ) , " he continued .

Rikwanto said , the victim took a sip of the liquid at around 11:15 pm . At that time , he was resting after undergoing since the morning until 10:00 pm .

Then , Anwar asked for permission to use the restroom . It was there , he decided to end his life . " Allegedly the suspect drank the liquid to commit suicide out of shame for his actions , " said Rikwanto .

Anwar General Criminal investigators examined the Jakarta Police on suspicion of sexual abuse of male students JIS . He allegedly commit crimes with AW , ZA , and SY who had already been named as a suspect .

" In February and March 17, 2014 where a suspect Anwar sodomized victims interchangeably , " said Rikwanto .

Currently Anwar corpse being autopsied to ascertain the cause of death . While a bottle of floor cleaner liquid has been seized as evidence .


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