Sunday, April 20, 2014

Keeping Bacteria-Free Contact Lenses

The users should not rely on contact lens cleaning liquid to kill the bacteria contained in the contact lens . Besides carefully cleaned , use of contact lenses may also not arbitrary.

If we do not keep cleaning contact lenses , there is a type of bacteria called microbial keratitis that can survive in contact lens cleaning solutions for more than 4 hours .

In the United States , more than 30000-50000 cases of microbial keratitis infections . This infection causes symptoms of pain in the eyes , blurred vision , sensitivity to light , eye keeps out water , and ooze . If you experience these symptoms , immediately unplug eye contact lenses and consult a doctor .

Infectious keratitis can lead to impaired vision left , even at extreme blindness .

There are a few tips to keep in mind the contact lens wearers to maintain the hygiene of the eye glass lens replacement .

- Always wash hands with soap and water , then dry your hands before touching the contact lens .

- Although the cleaning fluid in the bottle says " do not need to be rubbed " , but still gently rub the contact lenses when cleaning . Microorganisms are sometimes mixed with organic materials such as proteins of the eye that can not be eliminated simply by soaking .

- Do not sleep wearing contact lenses , eye doctor unless stated it's okay .

- Do not wear contact lenses bath . Besides always remove contact lenses before swimming or bathing in hot water so that the water is not contaminated contact lenses .
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- Replace contact lenses when their useful life is over, even if it's still comfortable to wear .


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