Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holds four sub-districts in Polewali Re Election

Legislative elections in four districts in eight polling stations ( TPS ) in Polewali Mandar , West Sulawesi , repeated on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Previously , local Supervisory Committee recommends the re-election due to administrative violations , following a ballot " wrong address " Produktion electoral district voters who punched in a number of polling stations in Polewali Mandar , on 9 April 2014 elections ago .

"According to the Supervisory Committee recommendations , eight polling stations in four districts will be repeated following the findings of constituencies Produktion punched ballots in Polewali Mandar , " said Commission Chairman Polewali Mandar , Muhammad Daniel after holding a plenary meeting at the Commission 's office , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) yesterday .

Explained , ballot electoral district V Produktion in four districts in Polewali Mandar , the District of Tinambung sub , Limboro , Tapango , and Pambusuang . Balloting in the four districts was assessed as an administrative offense and clearly detrimental to the vote and the party candidates .

Daniel said , the Commission is currently carrying out the consolidation , including written to all political parties contesting the election , so that , today ( Monday, 04/14/2014 ) to prepare a witness for re-election process , tomorrow .

Furthermore , the entire cost of the election , including poll workers salaries , TPS construction to be budgeted Linmas Commission .
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Accordingly, the Commission began outreach to residents and will soon send invitations repeat voting . This is done to increase the participation of citizens .


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