Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 reasons women should get pregnant before age 35 years

Having offspring is one thing that is desired by many women . Often recommended for women to have their first child at an early age of 20 years and not more than 35 years . First pregnancy at the age of 35 years will increase the risk of complications , miscarriage , and others .

Although it is known that the risk varies depending on the health and care of women during pregnancy and childbirth does , but it would be safer if the first pregnant woman under the age of 35 years . Here are some reasons why pregnant women should for the first time under the age of 35 years , as reported by Mag for Women .

1 . A woman's body changes at age 35 years
When it gets older and older , a woman's body undergoes many changes . When the 35 -year -old woman's body will adjust and tend not appropriate for pregnant and give birth normally . At that time, the body will be more at risk for miscarriage or other complications during pregnancy .

2 . Conditions and diseases
There are several conditions experienced by women as they get older , such as diabetes and blood pressure . This can affect their pregnancy and cause problems such as pre - eclampsia or pregnancy wine . Women who are pregnant at the age of 35 years were also more likely to experience problems conceiving compared with younger women .

3 . Higher risk of miscarriage
Because of age , women who choose to have children over the age of 35 years have a greater risk of miscarriage or their babies who died at birth . In addition , the annual risk of a woman aged 35 gave birth to babies with birth defects were also higher compared with younger women .

4 . disease age
The older a person , then they are also more prone to age-related diseases . In addition , as the disease usually requires medication and routine maintenance . When pregnant , women should be extra careful while taking the drug , and should not split their focus on disease and pregnancy .

5 . cesarean risk
Women who have a first baby at the age of 35 years are more at risk cesarean delivery . This can be affected by the health of the mother or the feared complications will occur when natural childbirth .
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Although giving birth at the age of 35 years had risks above , but the decision to have a child of any age back to each woman . Many women who gave birth at the age of 35 years and have a healthy baby . The most important thing is to always maintain the health of the mother and fetus and often in order to check their contents remain smooth and healthy pregnancy


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