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"Keajaiban" di Maraton Boston

This story appeared in the pages of The Washington Post 22 April 2014 issue , a day after the Boston Marathon an annual event . The uploads are no longer tells the story of a devastating explosion last year marathon for the Patriot 's Day . It's a story about sportsmanship , toughness , heroism , and sincerity .

This paper tells the story of a runner , the man from Massachusetts who declined to be named at his request , looks shaky at mile 41 of the marathon. It's a common sight in the arena of the Boston Marathon .

The man looks almost collapsed . Feet and hands shaking . However , he was a distance runner who had 41 yards . At that time , the runners of the old category of athletes have completed the race .

Exhausted , this man is one among thousands of participants of the Boston Marathon who are aware would never be a champion marathon but kept running . They ran because it loves to run .

Her body shaking right in front of the restaurant The Forum , location last year where one of the bombs exploded and killed three runners , at 15:00 local time ahead as well as the time bomb exploded a year ago .

Is Dave Meyer ( 57 ) , runners from the same category , is located right behind him. Runners from Greyslake , Illinois , is also currently in a state earned - Worse yet before the finish line , running far below normal speed . For him at the time, the goal is to complete a marathon run .

" I was stopped at Boylston Street , looking up and seeing the finish line . 's When I thought , thank God . I just focus on getting there and getting a few drops of water , " said Meyer . Shuffled , Meyer got to where the unnamed man was shaking . He saw how his fellow runners legs shook .

" I was approached about mile 41 . I see the other runners in front of me , his legs unsteady . Looked like he was about to collapse ... , " Meyer said while staring . " At that time , when there was no difference for me ... I know how important it is for me finish this marathon . So I know , it's important to finish the marathon man . "

Thus , Meyer also supporting the runner who almost collapsed , the man put his left arm around his shoulders . Together, thought Meyer , both of them will be able to finish the Boston Marathon .

" I kept saying to him , we will succeed . We will work but you have to help me to get there , " said Meyer . But these runners could no nothing. She had run out of energy . Meyer grip slipping sweaty hands . Meyer had almost given up helping him . Meyer 's own feet had almost no longer able to move .

" I thought , I would fall with him , " recalls Meyer . However , Jim Grove arrived . No difference with Meyer , Grove is a veteran marathon runner , it is important to try out 10 marathons in Texas . Again , not unlike Meyer , she was having a bad marathon course .

" This is my worst marathon for my running , " recalls Grove on Tuesday . " This is the toughest marathon ever I lead but no one can stop me to finish it . " Approaching mile marker 41 , Grove stopped down at his feet that ran weak , looked up , and saw two men fighting in front of him .

Again, the views of the people who struggled finishing the race is not rare in the Boston Marathon . The competition was held under the blazing sun with tens of thousands of people crammed , ran together . Many runners give up lying in the streets or sat slumped on the roadside .

" I saw this guy really struggling and people behind him to help him . So , I began to approach them , " said Grove . " ( Meyer ) obvious difficulty holding this guy but he did not give up . He ( Meyer ) will not let it fall . So , I grabbed one the other hand the runners . We lifted him on our shoulders and began to move again to the finish line . "

In silence and pains , the three people running and limping along towards the finish . Tiredness clearly reflected in their faces , based on the pictures that were scattered . However , Meyer and Grove effort was not enough to help the exhausted runners . " I'm starting to think that we might not been able to , but then ... "

Two rescuers came . Mike Johnson ( 47 ) comes first . Runners from Stillwater , Minnesota , has been experienced by 20 marathons but only two times following the Boston Marathon . The first time he followed this marathon was last year , when he stopped no more than 1 kilometer from the location of the bomb that exploded .

This year , Johnson was determined to finish the Boston Marathon . Determination Johnson was nearing reality . He ran melipir left , exchanging high-fives with the crowd as much as possible , share the success of his determination . Until , less than 1 kilometer before the finish line he saw three people who share a shoulder and foot fighting finish the race .

Close behind Johnson , Kathy Goodwin ran over . Seattle accountant of the left side of the road combing getting closer to the finish . He had just run straight but suddenly turned, facing the three men who were sharing the shoulder and Johnson . " What can I help you ? " Goodwin asked .

As with the men , Goodwin also currently undergoing marathon sad . He was exhausted and his time was impressive . " This is the hardest I live and I can only imagine how difficult that lived runners who run out of energy . "

Thus , Goodwin admitted he decided to finish the marathon if only these people also touched the finish line . " Let us take the leg , " said Goodwin , do not remember who said it . Suddenly , Johnson grabbed the man's right foot and left foot Goodwin raised the same person . " This year , everyone must finish the race , " Goodwin determination .

A few hundred feet before the finish , the exhausted man pleads to four " teams " dadakannya . " Let me go . Allow me walking towards the finish . I have to finish this ( on my feet ) itself , " he said , although his body has been completely exhausted .

When the crowd hooting audience voiced support for the fifth runner , Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin lose him . " We made ​​a decision , " Meyer recalls . " Let's take it down . Lets let him go alone , " he said . Thus , each of the five runners finish Boston Marathon .

Momentarily united by actual exhaustion equally they feel , four good people no longer talk to the runners who ran out of energy . Medics had immediately grabbed him and providing care .

Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin also said the exchange was so complete a marathon . " Actually , there is almost no real conversation at the time, " recalls Grove . " The young woman ( Goodwin ) looked at me , and I stared at him , then we swapped lay our hands on shoulder and smiling . (But ) we never said a word. "

Stunned and exhausted , Johnson stumble when approaching the medical tent . " I really miss them . I cried . I just kept my head down . When I looked up , everyone was gone . "

Boston Marathon , 21 April 2014 , actually proves to the world . Two blasting events near the finish line at the marathon last year did not dampen the least number of participants in this year's race . Five runners , becoming one more proof about the real meaning of the Boston Marathon .
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This is the story of four runners who help one another runner who almost collapsed , to jointly complete the Boston Marathon . This is heroism , courage , kindness . " Miracle " Boston Marathon .


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