Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great guts to face DC Comics Marvel Studios

Although potentially reduce the proceeds from the Man of Steel : Superman Vs Batman , Warner Bros. and DC Comics apparently not keen to back down from their fight against the latest projects Marvel Studios and Walt Disney , Captain America 3 .

So , what is the response Chris Evans - Captain America actor - related to this fight ?
" It was embarrassing to discuss it . " Evans replied .

" At this point , one must leave the date . Unless the two distributors were already crazy enough to take mutual advantage of each . " Further director Captain America : The Winter Soldier , Joe and Anthony Russo .

Nevertheless , as officials confirmed Dan Fellman of Warner Bros. , they will still put up the Man of Steel 2 at a predetermined release schedule . As a result of the decision , May 6, 2016 may be referred to as an overt battle between DC Comics and Marvel Studios on the big screen .
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Dan Fellman ascertained as Warner Bros. executives , it will still put their Man of Steel : Superman Vs Batman in the release schedule has been determined .

Listen track record both , Captain America and the Man of Steel could say almost always print the amazing results in every premieres .
Call it the Man of Steel who broke the record in June with an opening of $ 113.1 million and Captain America : The Winter Soldier who has just made ​​a new record in April through the opening valued at USD 96.2 million .

Not surprisingly , those who will win later on May 6, 2016 , both are definitely going to be a new story in the history of the superhero genre


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