Thursday, April 17, 2014

Schoolgirl Containing Sabu Participate UN Suspects in Prison

Nunukan District Education Office , North Borneo , ensuring 3 -grade student of SMK in Sebatik who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant the national exam to complete. He joined the national exam in prison Nunakan.

" Once there is a recommendation from the district court and may be implemented in prisons , I carried on. Same time with the national exams in school , " said Head of Secondary Education Rahadi , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Rahadi sure , test execution for pregnant girls in prison are also monitored from the school and from college . Nunukan , only one pregnant students who took the national exam .

" Only one I think , he used to be , like there's no obstacle . Supervisor there , and the teachers of the college . Supplied special room in the prison . Supervisor is definitely of the school and the college, " said Rahadi .

Earlier, Chairman of the Board of Education Nunukan Syafarudin Taliban said it would seek Sebatik senior high school students who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant still take the exam equation Package C because they can not follow the national exam .
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SMK Sebatik reportedly could not test due to follow the legal process of methamphetamine possession case .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DPD PDIP Establishments Receive Many Election Fraud Reports

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Boy Bernadi Sadikin admitted receiving a lot of short messages ( SMS ), which reported a variety of fraud during the legislative elections in 2014.

" Almost five DPC no reports of fraud , " said Boy when contacted on Wednesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Indications form of cheating , continued Boy , for example, the difference in numbers during the initial tally at polling stations ( TPS ) with in the village , to the practice of money politics .

Boy admits that it gets difficult to find evidence of such reports . Nevertheless, he still ranks DPC instructed to provide evidence of the fraud .

" So we can proof , submit immediately wrote into law . 's New SMS reports it , we seriously to drop out of this , " said Boy .

Based on the vote tally while in Jakarta , PDI - P winning with 30.45 percent ( 759,699 votes) to the House and 27.67 percent ( 649 816 ) to Parliament .
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The second sequence is occupied Gerindra scooped 341,698 votes or 13.59 percent for the House and 355 843 votes or 14.17 percent for the City Council .


The more smart, Glasses Can Detect Cancer Cells

Cancer is no longer a rare disease . Moreover, the disease sometimes can not be eradicated completely and rather difficult to detect . For that one of the scientists developed a special smart glasses that can be used to detect cancer cells .

High-tech goggles that is claimed to help surgeons to identify and eradicate cancer cells by highlighting the affected tissue when they perform surgery .

In addition , this device also allows the surgeon to record and observe operations , which has been tested in patients suffering from breast cancer and skin cancer .

The glasses can even reduce the risk of a second surgery . Diseased and healthy tissue is often difficult to distinguish , and therefore many surgeons are even eradicate healthy tissue so cancer cells can then grow back .
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According to Business Week reports , between 20 and 40 percent of women who undergo lumpectomy or breast cancer surgery , was forced to go back again to perform a second operation .

Glasses that have not been named, is now being developed by Dr. Samuel Achilefu , professor of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis , who was inspired to design sunglasses military technology .

Citing the pages of The Week , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , he is reported to have started making prototypes with funds obtained from the National Cancer Institute . To use this lens , doctors must first inject the patient with infrared fluorescent marker , which flows into the body and trapped within the cancer cells .

During surgery , an infrared sensor on the glasses will detect the location of diseased cells and displays them to the eyeglass lenses . " This is a smart device that is very useful for the health of the world and I think this could be used in so many places , " said Achilefu .

For the production cost of a pair of glasses , estimated to cost U.S. $ 10 thousand or approximately USD 114 million . The project will likely be completed by the end of this year .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Foreign funds in Rp 19 Trillion Since the Declaration of Candidates Jokowi

Jakarta - The flow of foreign funds into the trading floor is quite large in recent weeks . In total , from the beginning of the year until yesterday the total foreign funds reached Rp 30.9 trillion .

During the same period , foreign investors bought a net 7.7 trillion in the past 12 months . Given that net sales , foreign funds are still ' parked ' in the Indonesian Stock Exchange ( BEI ) as much as Rp 30.9 trillion last .

" One interesting point of purchase foreign investors are the net purchases amounted to Rp 19 trillion since Jokowi forward as a candidate for president of Indonesia from the PDI - P party , " said Daewoo Securities Research results cited detikFinance Indonesia , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
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The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) tumbled after the announcement of the quick count General Election ( Election ) Legislature . Because the PDI - P did not win a majority so it can not appoint an independent presidential candidate .

" It Attracted the attention of many investors , especially foreign investors on the trading day after doing a quick count of the year net sales of Rp 1.5 trillion . , But we want to show that there is nothing to worry about and made ​​into a bearish sentiment , " According to the research it .

The Evidence Suggests , foreign investors have been net buyers of Rp 20.4 trillion from March 14 until April 10 . This condition According to this research , Suggests that the massive sales Thursday just a small incident .

According to Daewoo domestic stock market valuations are still high Because It has a P / E ratio of 15x Compared to the average emerging market with a P / E of 11x .

" It is our estimate will be even better if we look at the possible existence of government policy reforms that will project the performance of the issuer for the ride , " said the research .

At the time Jokowi PDIP declared candidates on Friday, March 14 , 2014 , JCI fly 152 476 points ( 3:23 % ) to a level of 4878.643 . While the LQ45 index closed flew 36 261 points ( 4:56 % ) to a level of 830 668

Composite Index climbed to its highest point this year . Busy buying stocks Occurs in all layers . Transaction recorded net purchases of foreign investors ( foreign net buy ) worth Rp 1:45 trillion in the regular market .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holds four sub-districts in Polewali Re Election

Legislative elections in four districts in eight polling stations ( TPS ) in Polewali Mandar , West Sulawesi , repeated on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Previously , local Supervisory Committee recommends the re-election due to administrative violations , following a ballot " wrong address " Produktion electoral district voters who punched in a number of polling stations in Polewali Mandar , on 9 April 2014 elections ago .

"According to the Supervisory Committee recommendations , eight polling stations in four districts will be repeated following the findings of constituencies Produktion punched ballots in Polewali Mandar , " said Commission Chairman Polewali Mandar , Muhammad Daniel after holding a plenary meeting at the Commission 's office , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) yesterday .

Explained , ballot electoral district V Produktion in four districts in Polewali Mandar , the District of Tinambung sub , Limboro , Tapango , and Pambusuang . Balloting in the four districts was assessed as an administrative offense and clearly detrimental to the vote and the party candidates .

Daniel said , the Commission is currently carrying out the consolidation , including written to all political parties contesting the election , so that , today ( Monday, 04/14/2014 ) to prepare a witness for re-election process , tomorrow .

Furthermore , the entire cost of the election , including poll workers salaries , TPS construction to be budgeted Linmas Commission .
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Accordingly, the Commission began outreach to residents and will soon send invitations repeat voting . This is done to increase the participation of citizens .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Apple's New Product Line From Q2

CALIFORNIA - Apple diperkirakan Mulai meluncurkan jajaran Produk Terbaru kuartal pada II (Q2 ) 2014 Produk ini antara lain iWatch , iPhone 6, MacBook Air, iMac give murah . .

Dilansir Apple Insider, Jumat ( 11/4/2014 ) kuartal pada II , Apple hanya yang akan dijual merilis iMac baru dengan Harga terjangkau .

Sedangkan menurut catatan Penelitian analis KGI , Ming -Chi Kuo, kuartal tahun ini akan menjadi III saat - saat meriah bagi Apple. Pasalnya Perusahaan Air Akan give merilis iPad iPad mini Terbaru , dua versi iWatch , iPhone 4.7 inci , App TV baru , baru inci MacBook 12 , MacBook Pro gives Pembaruan lini
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Produk baru dengan jajaran , kecuali Kategori Produk baru , Kuo memperkirakan kuartal III saat - saat akan menjadi penting bagi give Apple bagaimana melihat publik depan Perusahaan mass .

" Kami akan menjadi yakin iWatch Apple Produk penting tahun ini paling , melebihi iPhone 6. Tanggapan Ini Juga akan menjadi yang harus diluncurkan mengenai Produk untuk apakah membuktikan Apple masih bisa ' mengubah permainan ' di Bawah kendali Tim Cook ( Apple CEO ) , " Kuo jelas .

Kuo menilai , jika Apple iWatch berhasil persaingan maka Selama hingga lime 10 tahun lagi mendatang tidak hanya sebagai Perusahaan Teknologi , Juga vendor melainkan fashion brand .


Ukraine crisis, the U.S. and Russia Urges Peace Solution

U.S. Secretary of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia agreed to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis that occurred Ukraine . According to officials , urging a peaceful solution was delivered following the occupation of the city government building in eastern Ukraine by the pro - Russian demonstrators .

According to the BBC , the Ukrainian government itself has called for convening a dialogue end this crisis . Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry , head of EU Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton and Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia next week to discuss the crisis .

This meeting will be the first meeting since Russia annexed Crimea in February . Russia 's own troops are still deployed in the border of Ukraine . Senior U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland , said the hope is not excessive convening talks . Even so , he said , is very important to keep the diplomatic door open .

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday Jen Psaki then Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the importance of a peaceful solution through dialogue to end the crisis Ukraine . They themselves also reject the use of military force .

Kerry and Lavrov spoke twice by phone to discuss tensions in Ukraine are increasing. In previous talks with the U.S. secretary of state , Lavrov said further talks would be focused on the dialogue between the citizens of Ukraine , and not the bilateral relations between the participants .
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Earlier, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said anti - terrorism operation being conducted in three regions of Ukraine for 48 hours . Moscow also warned Ukraine that stop the crisis by military force could lead to civil war .