Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Keajaiban" di Maraton Boston

This story appeared in the pages of The Washington Post 22 April 2014 issue , a day after the Boston Marathon an annual event . The uploads are no longer tells the story of a devastating explosion last year marathon for the Patriot 's Day . It's a story about sportsmanship , toughness , heroism , and sincerity .

This paper tells the story of a runner , the man from Massachusetts who declined to be named at his request , looks shaky at mile 41 of the marathon. It's a common sight in the arena of the Boston Marathon .

The man looks almost collapsed . Feet and hands shaking . However , he was a distance runner who had 41 yards . At that time , the runners of the old category of athletes have completed the race .

Exhausted , this man is one among thousands of participants of the Boston Marathon who are aware would never be a champion marathon but kept running . They ran because it loves to run .

Her body shaking right in front of the restaurant The Forum , location last year where one of the bombs exploded and killed three runners , at 15:00 local time ahead as well as the time bomb exploded a year ago .

Is Dave Meyer ( 57 ) , runners from the same category , is located right behind him. Runners from Greyslake , Illinois , is also currently in a state earned - Worse yet before the finish line , running far below normal speed . For him at the time, the goal is to complete a marathon run .

" I was stopped at Boylston Street , looking up and seeing the finish line . 's When I thought , thank God . I just focus on getting there and getting a few drops of water , " said Meyer . Shuffled , Meyer got to where the unnamed man was shaking . He saw how his fellow runners legs shook .

" I was approached about mile 41 . I see the other runners in front of me , his legs unsteady . Looked like he was about to collapse ... , " Meyer said while staring . " At that time , when there was no difference for me ... I know how important it is for me finish this marathon . So I know , it's important to finish the marathon man . "

Thus , Meyer also supporting the runner who almost collapsed , the man put his left arm around his shoulders . Together, thought Meyer , both of them will be able to finish the Boston Marathon .

" I kept saying to him , we will succeed . We will work but you have to help me to get there , " said Meyer . But these runners could no nothing. She had run out of energy . Meyer grip slipping sweaty hands . Meyer had almost given up helping him . Meyer 's own feet had almost no longer able to move .

" I thought , I would fall with him , " recalls Meyer . However , Jim Grove arrived . No difference with Meyer , Grove is a veteran marathon runner , it is important to try out 10 marathons in Texas . Again , not unlike Meyer , she was having a bad marathon course .

" This is my worst marathon for my running , " recalls Grove on Tuesday . " This is the toughest marathon ever I lead but no one can stop me to finish it . " Approaching mile marker 41 , Grove stopped down at his feet that ran weak , looked up , and saw two men fighting in front of him .

Again, the views of the people who struggled finishing the race is not rare in the Boston Marathon . The competition was held under the blazing sun with tens of thousands of people crammed , ran together . Many runners give up lying in the streets or sat slumped on the roadside .

" I saw this guy really struggling and people behind him to help him . So , I began to approach them , " said Grove . " ( Meyer ) obvious difficulty holding this guy but he did not give up . He ( Meyer ) will not let it fall . So , I grabbed one the other hand the runners . We lifted him on our shoulders and began to move again to the finish line . "

In silence and pains , the three people running and limping along towards the finish . Tiredness clearly reflected in their faces , based on the pictures that were scattered . However , Meyer and Grove effort was not enough to help the exhausted runners . " I'm starting to think that we might not been able to , but then ... "

Two rescuers came . Mike Johnson ( 47 ) comes first . Runners from Stillwater , Minnesota , has been experienced by 20 marathons but only two times following the Boston Marathon . The first time he followed this marathon was last year , when he stopped no more than 1 kilometer from the location of the bomb that exploded .

This year , Johnson was determined to finish the Boston Marathon . Determination Johnson was nearing reality . He ran melipir left , exchanging high-fives with the crowd as much as possible , share the success of his determination . Until , less than 1 kilometer before the finish line he saw three people who share a shoulder and foot fighting finish the race .

Close behind Johnson , Kathy Goodwin ran over . Seattle accountant of the left side of the road combing getting closer to the finish . He had just run straight but suddenly turned, facing the three men who were sharing the shoulder and Johnson . " What can I help you ? " Goodwin asked .

As with the men , Goodwin also currently undergoing marathon sad . He was exhausted and his time was impressive . " This is the hardest I live and I can only imagine how difficult that lived runners who run out of energy . "

Thus , Goodwin admitted he decided to finish the marathon if only these people also touched the finish line . " Let us take the leg , " said Goodwin , do not remember who said it . Suddenly , Johnson grabbed the man's right foot and left foot Goodwin raised the same person . " This year , everyone must finish the race , " Goodwin determination .

A few hundred feet before the finish , the exhausted man pleads to four " teams " dadakannya . " Let me go . Allow me walking towards the finish . I have to finish this ( on my feet ) itself , " he said , although his body has been completely exhausted .

When the crowd hooting audience voiced support for the fifth runner , Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin lose him . " We made ​​a decision , " Meyer recalls . " Let's take it down . Lets let him go alone , " he said . Thus , each of the five runners finish Boston Marathon .

Momentarily united by actual exhaustion equally they feel , four good people no longer talk to the runners who ran out of energy . Medics had immediately grabbed him and providing care .

Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin also said the exchange was so complete a marathon . " Actually , there is almost no real conversation at the time, " recalls Grove . " The young woman ( Goodwin ) looked at me , and I stared at him , then we swapped lay our hands on shoulder and smiling . (But ) we never said a word. "

Stunned and exhausted , Johnson stumble when approaching the medical tent . " I really miss them . I cried . I just kept my head down . When I looked up , everyone was gone . "

Boston Marathon , 21 April 2014 , actually proves to the world . Two blasting events near the finish line at the marathon last year did not dampen the least number of participants in this year's race . Five runners , becoming one more proof about the real meaning of the Boston Marathon .
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This is the story of four runners who help one another runner who almost collapsed , to jointly complete the Boston Marathon . This is heroism , courage , kindness . " Miracle " Boston Marathon .


PAN Not Determine Coalition Partners

Chairman of the National Mandate Party Hatta Rajasa said the party is still open political communication with all parties . According to him , the PAN has not determined by which party will form a coalition .

"If political communication that goes on and I think all political parties in political communication , " he said in Ballroom Djakarta Theater , Jakarta , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
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Hatta said today his party is still building intensive communication with Gerindra party , the Democrats , Golkar , PKS , and PDIP . He asserted that not a single party that is close to a deal with the PAN . "Everything is still fluid , " he said . ( Read also : PAN still hide Coalition )

Hatta emphasized the important thing is all the parties did not address whether differences in ideology -based nationalist or Islamic . According to him , all parties must work together to face the challenges that will face Indonesia . "Therefore it is necessary that a great togetherness , do not distinguish ideology . All parties have the same ideology , " he said .

Regarding the possibility that he will be paired with a candidate Gerindra , Prabowo , Hatta judge it reasonable . "People always right to fit the last Hatta later Prabowo with no more Prabowo with others , " he said . Hatta asserted that he may not necessarily be the vice presidential candidate of a particular party .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Toshiba Announces World's Fastest MicroSD

Toshiba Corp. claims that its latest product MicroSD memory card is the fastest in the world . MicroSD is intended for smartphones and mobile devices .

Reported Japantoday , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , this device is compatible with UHS - II , an ultra high speed specified in the SD Memory Card Standard Ver . 4.20. This storage card will be available in 32GB and 64GB models .

For the 32GB model , the maximum read speed that can be achieved is 260 MB per second , while the maximum write speed of 240 MB per second . Special models of 64GB , the device has the capability to read 145 per second and 130 MB per second write .
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For MicroSD size , the speed is claimed to be the average of the fastest transfer current . Compared UHS -I 32GB microSD artificial Toshiba already circulating at the moment, there are approximately 2.7 -fold increase in the ability to read and write 8-fold improvement .

With this rapid capability , users can get benefits such as faster data transfer time . In addition , it also supports a memory card so that users can be snapped next picture or a mode of ' continuously ' more quickly , because the first image is stored quickly in the mobile storage .

Memory cards with faster data transfer capability can also support the professional photographer to get the images right moment , because of the support of high-speed mode the camera continuously used . Not yet known what the price tag of Toshiba 's new microSD artificial .


Keeping Bacteria-Free Contact Lenses

The users should not rely on contact lens cleaning liquid to kill the bacteria contained in the contact lens . Besides carefully cleaned , use of contact lenses may also not arbitrary.

If we do not keep cleaning contact lenses , there is a type of bacteria called microbial keratitis that can survive in contact lens cleaning solutions for more than 4 hours .

In the United States , more than 30000-50000 cases of microbial keratitis infections . This infection causes symptoms of pain in the eyes , blurred vision , sensitivity to light , eye keeps out water , and ooze . If you experience these symptoms , immediately unplug eye contact lenses and consult a doctor .

Infectious keratitis can lead to impaired vision left , even at extreme blindness .

There are a few tips to keep in mind the contact lens wearers to maintain the hygiene of the eye glass lens replacement .

- Always wash hands with soap and water , then dry your hands before touching the contact lens .

- Although the cleaning fluid in the bottle says " do not need to be rubbed " , but still gently rub the contact lenses when cleaning . Microorganisms are sometimes mixed with organic materials such as proteins of the eye that can not be eliminated simply by soaking .

- Do not sleep wearing contact lenses , eye doctor unless stated it's okay .

- Do not wear contact lenses bath . Besides always remove contact lenses before swimming or bathing in hot water so that the water is not contaminated contact lenses .
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- Replace contact lenses when their useful life is over, even if it's still comfortable to wear .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Schoolgirl Containing Sabu Participate UN Suspects in Prison

Nunukan District Education Office , North Borneo , ensuring 3 -grade student of SMK in Sebatik who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant the national exam to complete. He joined the national exam in prison Nunakan.

" Once there is a recommendation from the district court and may be implemented in prisons , I carried on. Same time with the national exams in school , " said Head of Secondary Education Rahadi , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Rahadi sure , test execution for pregnant girls in prison are also monitored from the school and from college . Nunukan , only one pregnant students who took the national exam .

" Only one I think , he used to be , like there's no obstacle . Supervisor there , and the teachers of the college . Supplied special room in the prison . Supervisor is definitely of the school and the college, " said Rahadi .

Earlier, Chairman of the Board of Education Nunukan Syafarudin Taliban said it would seek Sebatik senior high school students who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant still take the exam equation Package C because they can not follow the national exam .
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SMK Sebatik reportedly could not test due to follow the legal process of methamphetamine possession case .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DPD PDIP Establishments Receive Many Election Fraud Reports

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Boy Bernadi Sadikin admitted receiving a lot of short messages ( SMS ), which reported a variety of fraud during the legislative elections in 2014.

" Almost five DPC no reports of fraud , " said Boy Kompas.com when contacted on Wednesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Indications form of cheating , continued Boy , for example, the difference in numbers during the initial tally at polling stations ( TPS ) with in the village , to the practice of money politics .

Boy admits that it gets difficult to find evidence of such reports . Nevertheless, he still ranks DPC instructed to provide evidence of the fraud .

" So we can proof , submit immediately wrote into law . 's New SMS reports it , we seriously to drop out of this , " said Boy .

Based on the vote tally while in Jakarta , PDI - P winning with 30.45 percent ( 759,699 votes) to the House and 27.67 percent ( 649 816 ) to Parliament .
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The second sequence is occupied Gerindra scooped 341,698 votes or 13.59 percent for the House and 355 843 votes or 14.17 percent for the City Council .


The more smart, Glasses Can Detect Cancer Cells

Cancer is no longer a rare disease . Moreover, the disease sometimes can not be eradicated completely and rather difficult to detect . For that one of the scientists developed a special smart glasses that can be used to detect cancer cells .

High-tech goggles that is claimed to help surgeons to identify and eradicate cancer cells by highlighting the affected tissue when they perform surgery .

In addition , this device also allows the surgeon to record and observe operations , which has been tested in patients suffering from breast cancer and skin cancer .

The glasses can even reduce the risk of a second surgery . Diseased and healthy tissue is often difficult to distinguish , and therefore many surgeons are even eradicate healthy tissue so cancer cells can then grow back .
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According to Business Week reports , between 20 and 40 percent of women who undergo lumpectomy or breast cancer surgery , was forced to go back again to perform a second operation .

Glasses that have not been named, is now being developed by Dr. Samuel Achilefu , professor of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis , who was inspired to design sunglasses military technology .

Citing the pages of The Week , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , he is reported to have started making prototypes with funds obtained from the National Cancer Institute . To use this lens , doctors must first inject the patient with infrared fluorescent marker , which flows into the body and trapped within the cancer cells .

During surgery , an infrared sensor on the glasses will detect the location of diseased cells and displays them to the eyeglass lenses . " This is a smart device that is very useful for the health of the world and I think this could be used in so many places , " said Achilefu .

For the production cost of a pair of glasses , estimated to cost U.S. $ 10 thousand or approximately USD 114 million . The project will likely be completed by the end of this year .