Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Prabowo-Hatta and Jokowi-JK KNPI Scheduled to Present at Mukernas

Two pairs of presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa and Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla-scheduled leadership meeting attended Naional Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) in Panghegar, Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (28/05/2014) noon.

DPP Chairman KNPI Typhoon Rotorasiko Eko Nugroho said, Jokowi-JK scheduled to appear first, followed by Prabowo-Hatta.

However, according to him, Jokowi may not be present due to clash with his duties as Governor of Jakarta.
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"So later Mr. JK first came, it was only after Pak Prabowo-Hatta," said hurricane on the sidelines rapimnas implementation.

Monitoring the location, there are two banners of KNPI to welcome two vice presidential candidate's spouse.

Both banners were installed in front of the court of the hotel.

After attending the event rapimnas KNPI, plans, well-Hatta Prabowo and Jusuf Kalla will get around London to do a political safari respectively.


Monday, May 26, 2014

Used daily, Lifting Equipment Water Hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir Damaged

Heavy equipment is used to remove water hyacinth plants in Pluit Reservoir , North Jakarta , has been damaged . Though it is a new tool used daily , on Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) .

" Still new has broken . Was now again the same technicians dismantled , " said Suwitno , nonpermanent employees of North Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department is responsible for the removal of water hyacinth , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Mudjiono , technicians who repair heavy equipment , said , this only happens when a small problem on the conveyance of water hyacinth . Once repaired , the machine can be re- operated .

" It's not a big deal , just bolt on the blade drive are broken . Having repaired will resume operations , " said Mudjiono .
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Currently , some city office workers are forced to stop lifting water hyacinth . They wait until the machine was repaired and returned to function .

Cleaning water hyacinth plants in Pluit Reservoir again made ​​available after two heavy equipment . Since the end of last year , the dam project was stopped due to the normalization of the implementation of the agreement has not been bearers of heavy equipment procurement responsibilities between the government and private parties .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Egyptian People Choosing New Leader

On 26-27 May 2014 is , in Egypt there is a general election ( election ) president to choose a successor to President Mohammad Mursi who had been overthrown in July 2013 .

This is the second time the Egyptian people choose a leader after the fall of authoritarian rule under Hosni Mubarak , on February 11, 2011 . Seen in a short period of less than five years , in Egypt there are two presidential elections . Why is that ? Who is the next leader of Egypt ?

Liberal vs. Islamism
As is well known , in February 2011 , in Egypt there has been regime change . Long ruler , Hosni Mubarak who ruled more than 30 years , has been deposed by his subjects . Since then , Egypt experienced a democratic transition . At first , the vulnerable period was escorted by the Supreme Military Council ( Supreme Council of the Armed Forces / SCAF ) .

For a while , the ruling SCAF determine whether the poor Egyptian political life . They make limited amendments to the Egyptian Constitution , March 30, 2011 to strengthen its position .
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For example , in article 53 stated that the incumbent ( incumbent ) members of SCAF in power and has great powers until a new constitution . Furthermore , the people of Egypt did the stages of democratization . They start by holding a People's Assembly elections ( parliament ) .

This election was held in three stages , from December 2011 until January 2012 ( six weeks ) , to select the 498 members of parliament . Ten other seats MPs appointed by the military authorities . Of the 498 members who are elected , two- thirds chosen from the list of candidates of political parties , and a third of independents.

The results of the Egyptian parliamentary elections are held freely , show the Freedom and Justice Party ( FJP ) which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood movement ( IM ) won the vote with 235 seats ( 47.2 % ) . Then followed by the Salafi group Nour party gained 121 seats which ( 24.3 % ) .

The victory is quite surprising that the Egyptian elite as liberal and secular . Already dozens of years , the IM group suppressed in Egyptian political life . During Mubarak's rule , IM is a banned terrorist organization that should not be acting formally .

People increasingly liberal and secular shocked , when dalampemilupresiden , yangmenang is Mohammad Mursi of the IM group . In the second round , 16 to 17 June 2012, Mursi gained 51.7 % of the vote . With the acquisition , Mursi become Egypt 's first president after the fall of Hosni Mubarak . However , Mursi was only one year in power , because in July 2013 the Egyptian military took over power.

After the overthrow of Morsi , the Muslim Brotherhood group disbanded . Egyptian police and army arrested thousands of supporters of the organization , including its leaders . In Egypt the military operation , hundreds of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood were killed . Egypt in turmoil again .

Hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters were arrested and then sentenced to death . The reason the military to suppress the Brotherhood is in the stability of the Egyptian people . Then the military and its supporters reorganize political life of Egypt .

Change Strategy
When the faucet is opened democracy , Egyptians initially start with the parliamentary elections , followed by presidential elections , and a referendum of the Constitution ( 2012) . But the result was the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamist group . The group was considered to be only concerned with Islamic groups and ignore other groups that exist Egypt . Thus , the Brotherhood attacked the crowd rushed and passed down from power .

In the post- coup political arrangement to power Mursi , no change in strategy . Egyptian Constitution, which is the basis of life berakyat prioritized and discussed first . Thus , the Committee formed - 50 to change the Egyptian Constitution referendum , 2012.

The Constitution was considered controversial by liberals and the military . They consider adopting the Constitution of 2012 was only the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood . Committee changes brewing - 50 of the Egyptian Constitution which was then ratified in a referendum in January 2014 .

After the Constitution was considered wrong , Egyptians elect a president who could run the government . This moment , they chose a new leader . There are two candidates for president will be elected .

They are former military ruler , General Abdel Fattah al - Sisi and leftist figures , Hamdeen Sabahi . Both figures are mutually assist in the overthrow of President Mursi , one year ago . No presidential candidate from among the Islamists . Nour Party of the Salafis who are supposed to represent , supporting Al - Sisi .

It is a battle between those who regard the revolution is not finished and groups that are considered to retain power for long. Hamdeen Sabahi supported by the Liberal Freedom Party , Socialist People's Alliance Party , Constitution Party , Justice Party , People's Party and other leftist groups . They assume the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak revolution is not finished .

They will continue to fight for freedom for the people of Egypt . In contrast , Abdel Fattah al - Sisi supported by the Wafd Party , Tagammu Party , Free Egyptians Party , and the Nour Party . They thought it was the transition to democracy .

From the popularity of the two men , apparently Al - side will win the fight easily . The name Al - Sisi the talk in Egypt , after he and his group mengudeta Mursi power . She is getting popular after it said out of the military to prepare for a presidential candidate .

Results of a survey published by the newspaper Al Ahram ( May 3, 2014 ) , mentions the Al - side will win 72 % of the votes of the Egyptian people . While only 2 % of voters Sabahi sound . There is a 22 % yet to make his choice , 3 % refused to answer , and 1 % abstained . The same survey also explains 85 % of the Egyptian people will participate in the presidential election , 10 % will be non-voters , and 5 % have not decided yet . The survey was conducted on 28 April to 2 May 2014, at error3 % margin .

The supporters of Al - Sisi 's former defense minister believes will seamlessly become the next president of Egypt . Nour Party leader , Younis Makhyoun , for example , said in an interview that when Al - Sisi was not elected president , then Egypt could be a " collapse of the state . " ( Al- Ahram , 20 May 2014 ) .

She wants to show how Al - Sisi is expected to maintain the security of the Egyptian state . If it was really Al - Sisi became president of Egypt , the fate of the Muslim Brotherhood ? It appears that the group was founded by Hassan al - Banna in 1928, it can no longer take part in the life of Egypt .

Al - ban side will perpetuate the existence of the Brotherhood . Moreover, the 2014 Constitution referendum results mentioned ban political parties based on religion . It turns out that not only the suppression of the Brotherhood carried out by Al - Sisi . Candidates from the left , Sabahi , also will continue to ban the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's political life .

In an interview with TV Al - Nahar ( May 6, 2014 ) , Sabahi said : " The Muslim Brotherhood will not exist as an organization Whose loyalty is to foreign entities, or as a political party . This is in accordance with the 2014 constitution bans parties based on the which religion . " ( Al- Ahram , 7 May 2014 ) .

Thus , Islamists in Egypt seems to be increasingly difficult in life kepolitikan there . Muslims , indeed the majority in Egypt , but the emergence of Islamism will be opposed by the liberals and the military .


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Need Big Government Fund for Development of Drinking Water and Sanitation

The Indonesian government has been targeting , that coming in 2019 , all regions of Indonesia have access to drinking water and proper sanitation . In other words , the government is targeting 100 per cent of Indonesian people's access to drinking water and adequate sanitation in the year .

This was stated by Djoko Kirmanto at the Stakeholder 's Forum ( SF ) at the Grand City Convex , Surabaya , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . It is stated in Law No. 17 of 2007 on RPJP 2005-2025 . However , to make it happen , the government need not fund a bit .

" To achieve the target of universal access by 2019 Indonesia needs Rp 274.8 trillion, or about 27 billion USD for the development of drinking water , while for the development of proper sanitation needs Rp 385.3 trillion, or about 39 billion USD , " said Djoko .
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According to Djoko , the fund is not only borne by the government itself . The Government requires assistance of other stakeholders , such as local governments , water management and sanitation , private sector , banks , international agencies , donors , and the wider community .

In addition , Djoko also said that the government had not only require financing , but also the innovative technology . Innovation is intended for institutional strengthening and sustainability of supply of raw water .

According to BPS data in 2013 , as many as 67.73 percent of Indonesia's population already has access to safe drinking water . The number was increased by 29.97 percent from 1993 performance of 37.73 percent . Meanwhile , on the achievements of the Indonesian people access to sanitation by 2013 has reached 59.71 percent , an increase of 34.9 percent from the achievements of 1993, which is 24.81 percent . Based on these data revealed that there is still a considerable distance to reach 100 percent .

To that end , various measures had to be taken to meet the government 's ambition . One of them , technology exchange , discussion of issues surrounding water and sanitation , as well as increased competition related parties .

The role of Indonesia

Implementation Stakeholder 's Forum ( SF ) of the Indonesia International Water Week 2014 began on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) to Friday ( 23.05.2014 ) in Surabaya was relevant and necessary . SF activities carried out as a first step to collect the issues and creative solutions to face the MDG targets for 2015 and to contribute drinking water and sanitation agenda at the Preparatory Meeting Habitat Asia Pacific Region 2015 to be held in Indonesia .

Director General (DG ) of Human Settlements , Ministry of Public Works Ernawi S. Imam said Indonesia needs to do more to prepare a variety of strategies and establish communication between the Country through various forums in the Asia Pacific . Indonesia International Water Week is one of them . Through these forums , the Imam also " poked " embodies the government's goal of sustainable settlements .

In line with the Imam , Director of Water Development DGHS Ministry of Public Works Soetjiono Danny also said the same thing . According to Danny , the event will be a source of knowledge exchange . With attractive packaging , Danny also hopes the event laden results .

" This activity aims to elaborate the issues of water and sanitation , especially in the Asia - Pacific region, enhancing the competence of human resources through the exchange of knowledge and experience in water and sanitation services as well as technology development , provides a wide range of input related to global issues of water and sanitation in particular in the Asia-Pacific region and in international forums , "said Danny .

" Technically , the SF - 2014 will be packaged in a more practical and high - techagar all participants can be more active and interconnected with the class / another discussion table , " he added .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Tjahjo: Jusuf Kalla Mewakili 4 Partai

Secretary General of Democratic Party of Struggle Tjahjo Kumolo asserted , companion candidates Joko Widodo vice president , Jusuf Kalla , representing four political parties .

" Many are asking , Mr. Jokowi representatives from either party . Mr. Jokowi said , Mr. JK representing four parties , PDI - P , Nasdem , PKB , and Hanura , " said Tjahjo at Megawati 's residence , 27 Jalan Teuku Umar , Menteng , Central Jakarta , Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) afternoon .
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According to Tjahjo , very fit figure Kalla accompany Jokowi , who is still serving as Governor of Jakarta . According to Tjahjo , the man who is often called the JK is a person who is very experienced .

" He has become minister of industry , coordinating minister ( minister coordinator ) at the time of Mega , became vice president , and now a vice president again , " said Tjahjo .

JK Tjahjo said that age is already stepping 72 years showed maturity JK . Jokowi character hardworking , both considered capable of bringing Indonesia into a better direction .

Today JK Jokowi officially announced as the vice presidential candidate who will pair up with him in the presidential election of 2014. Bearers Four political parties agree on such determination . Jokowi said JK determination as his running mate on the belief that they will bring change movement in Indonesia .


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Android Silver Will Release in February 2015

Android Silver Will Release in February 2015

CALIFORNIA - Rumors circulate about the emergence of Android Silver back . Sources @ evleaks latest leaked information , SIlver mention that Android will be launched in February 2015 .

Reported by Neowin , Sunday ( 05/18/2014 ) , Google's Android Silver is the next step after leaving the Nexus program . Silver suggests that the Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) Android will design and market a smartphone based on Google's specifications .

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Google reportedly will also act as marketers and campaign for a new device . The search engine giant will also retain the features Google experience on all devices Silver .

The program basically takes Android Silver terbarik aspect of the Nexus program and allow more OEMs to join . According to @ evleaks , with Android Silver program , then the fans will no longer find the Nexus 6 .

With the advent of Android Silver , OEM is currently preparing a new handset which was supposed to be released in February 2015 . Programme Android Silver is expected to provide a better experience for consumers .


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CLA Galang Strength Jokowi Win

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) which is part of management cadres gather Regional Chairman of the Board of PKB in all provinces in the National Consolidation in DPP PKB , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) . During the meeting , the entire DPW agreed to support the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle Joko Widodo in the 2014 Presidential Election .

" We socialized collective decision support and will win Jokowi as a presidential candidate , " said Chairman of the DPP PKB Muhaimin Iskandar .

On the occasion, the Secretary General of PKB Imam Nahrowi read the decree of the National Consolidation CLA results . In addition to setting Jokowi as a candidate promoted by PKB , also written in the letter instructed all levels of CLA to optimize the strength of the party in winning Jokowi .
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After the reading of the declaration of support , the compact cadre called " Life Jokowi ! "

Seeing cadres calls for support against Jokowi , Muhaimin ask their readiness to win the party's presidential candidates promoted .

" Are ready to win Jokowi ? " Muhaimin asked .

" Ready ! " CBA said the cadres .

Meeting suspended until 19:00 pm . Meeting will be followed by the arrival Jokowi to DPP PKB .


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vimeo Blocked Speedy , Telkom 's Explanation

Jakarta - Telkom admits has come to block the video-sharing site Vimeo through the Internet Speedy . However, according to Vice President of Public Relations Arif Prabowo Telkom as a company spokesman , it was done not because of Telkom 's own initiative .

" All I know ( Vimeo ) into the list ( site to be blocked ) in the Trust + Administrator, so that all the ISPs ( Internet service providers ) should note that based on that database , " said Arif as confirmed detikINET on blocking this Monday ( 12 / 5/2014 ) .

Telkom as one aka the internet service provider ISP in Indonesia, according to the powerless in determining which sites should be blocked . All based on a list provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Trust + updates .

"Similarly to unblock the sites in the list of Trust + like Vimeo . We also had to wait for an update from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology , " he explained .

It had previously been described by Indra Utoyo , Director of IT Solutions & Strategic Portfolio Telkom , as a follow-up letter is admin Trust + Kominfo distributed to all telecom operators and ISPs , dated May 9, 2014 . ( Read: cara membuat blog )

" All that is said by Mr. Indra Utoyo is correct . Could be checked to other operators , they all receive email updates related trusts + database around the 9th of May," he concluded .


Saturday, May 3, 2014

U.S. Embassy PMI-degree blood donation campaign in six cities

Indonesian Red Cross and the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta , together with Governmental Organization ( NGO ) Blood4Life , will hold a national blood donation campaign 6-7 May 2014 at six locations in the country .

The national blood donation campaign will be held simultaneously in Jakarta , Yogyakarta , Padang , Ambon , Makassar , and Bandung , sebagaiamana quoted from the U.S. Embassy press release received by Reuters on Saturday.

In Jakarta , blood donation locations that target all levels of society will be concentrated in the U.S. Cultural Center , Building @ america . While in other cities will be held at the Institute of Technology Bandung , West Java , South Sulawesi, Makassar Hassanudin University , University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta , Pattimura University Ambon , Maluku , and Andalas University in Padang , West Sumatra .
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The U.S. Embassy said the blood donation campaign in 2014, this is the third time since 2012 . At that time , the blood donation is only done in Jakarta managed to collect 260 units of blood . Then in 2013 , activities expanded to six cities , and managed to collect 1000 units of blood .

According to the standard World Health Organization ( WHO ) , PMI expects to gathering 4.5 million units of blood per year. According to the U.S. Embassy , PMI is currently able to collect 3.5 million bags of blood .

To increase public participation in this event , the U.S. Embassy and the organizers socialize blood donors through social media Twitter and Instagram . Implementation of blood donors at each location will be conducted at 08:30 until 16:00 local time .

Most locations collects blood donors will receive an award from the U.S. Embassy .


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kill Ex-Girlfriend Family, Called Gugum Predator

The murder of his ex-girlfriend family conducted by Ramadan Gumilang aka Gugum come under fire from residents about the Goddess , ex offenders .

" We condemn ( Goddess of family murders by Gugum ) . 's Like a predator . Whatever the reason , he killed a family , " said Ujang Umar , Chairman of RT 06 Pot Jaya Village , District Pot , Tangerang City .
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Representing the residents around the Goddess , Ujang also stated that the residents want the perpetrator punished severely . In addition , the added Ujang , he advised the police to check the condition of psychiatric co Gugum sadistic acts were considered unreasonable and very cruel .

Separately , Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Tangerang City Metro Police said that Gugum AKBP Sutarmo is undergoing psychiatric tests . The test is one step to more in-depth investigation into the case .

" Currently psychological tests are being carried out , this was intentionally done to determine the mental condition of the victim , " said Sutarmo .

For a while the murder motive , Sutarmo suspect as the perpetrator hurt to the families who would not approve of his relationship with the Goddess .

There is no direct statement about the financial issues between Gugum and mother Goddess , Heryanti ( 45 ) . As a result of his actions , Gugum worn layered article , namely Article 338 of Murder , Article 340 of the Murder Plans , and Section 351 of the persecution with a maximum penalty of imprisonment for life .


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Successful Return to Senayan , This word Ruhut

Democratic Party politician Ruhut Sitompul eventually escaped to Senayan . In some areas in the first electoral district of North Sumatra , the acquisition of other PD candidates defeated voice .

" I've actually heard , since in each constituencies I got the info of the vote , " said Ruhut while talking on Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) .

Ruhut said , from the information it receives , in the City of High Cliff 'The Poltak ' champion , Ramadan Pohan at number two . In Serdang , he returned champion , finished second again filled Ramadan Pohan .
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" Deli Serdang I'm number one , number two Mr Abdul Wahab Dalimunthe . Medan Ruhut In the first , the second Sutan Bhatoegana , " said Ruhut .

From the results of the calculations while the Commission Sumatra , Ruhut Sitompul who had reportedly threatened to fail to grasp the House of Representatives seat held Democratic Party . I electoral district surrounding the city of Medan North Sumatra , High Cliff , Serdang and Serdang .

Other candidates who escaped from North Sumatra I is : namely PDI Sofyan Tan and Irmadi Lubis , Prananda Surya Paloh ( Nasdem ) , Tifatul Sembiring ( MCC ) , Meutya Hafid ( Golkar ) , R Muhammad Syafii ( Gerindra ) , Mulfachri Harahap ( PAN ) , Hasrul Anwar ( PPP ) , and Nurdin Tampubolon ( Hanura ) .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Anwar Set For Suspects JIS

Anwar , alleged sexual harassment at the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) , died while undergoing examination . He was questioned as a suspect since at 04.00 am in the morning in the women's and children's unit ( PPA ) , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .

In a press conference at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters at about 15:00 pm , the General Directorate of Criminal Anwar as yet to name a suspect . And then , the police announce and display the five suspects in the case to the media . The suspects are AW , AG , ZA , SJ and AF .
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" Time release ( Anwar ) had been arrested and examined , " said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police , Sr. Comr Rikwanto , Saturday night .

However , further Rikwanto , when being examined that Anwar tried to commit suicide by gulping liquid floor cleaner in the toilet PPA .

" The suspect drinking porstex and was rushed to the hospital Kramat Jati , so that did not participate in the present ( the press conference ) , " he continued .

Rikwanto said , the victim took a sip of the liquid at around 11:15 pm . At that time , he was resting after undergoing since the morning until 10:00 pm .

Then , Anwar asked for permission to use the restroom . It was there , he decided to end his life . " Allegedly the suspect drank the liquid to commit suicide out of shame for his actions , " said Rikwanto .

Anwar General Criminal investigators examined the Jakarta Police on suspicion of sexual abuse of male students JIS . He allegedly commit crimes with AW , ZA , and SY who had already been named as a suspect .

" In February and March 17, 2014 where a suspect Anwar sodomized victims interchangeably , " said Rikwanto .

Currently Anwar corpse being autopsied to ascertain the cause of death . While a bottle of floor cleaner liquid has been seized as evidence .


Wi - Power : Wireless Charger Can Fill Up Mobile Power 40 Meter Distance 5

Smartphone charging system has undergone rapid changes over the past few decades , from the use of non - wired to the wired ( LAN ) . In a recent trial , researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology ( KAIST ) tries to negate the cable strands at all , by developing wireless power transfer technology ( wireless power ) .

The researchers show how systems of Dipole Resonant Coil System ( DCRS ) using two prototype magnetic coil length to power through inductive charging device . The main coil is used to induce a magnetic field , while a handy secondary coil receives power . Once charging is enabled , within 5 meters of a variety of existing electronic devices can still turn .
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Thanks to the maximum output power of 209 W at 20 kHz , DCRS system has proved the possibility of a new remote power delivery mechanism that has never been attempted on such a long distance . To 100 W of electrical power transfer , the overall system power efficiency is 9.2 % .

T. Chun Rim , Professor of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering at KAIST , assuming similar Wi - Power WiFi network is now available everywhere. With a dimension of 3 meters length x width 10 cm x height 20 cm , DCRS seems to function as a wireless charging station in public places such as restaurants , airports , shopping navel , and so on , without the need of users clustered around the same area .

Wireless technology power cable to charge or download 40 smartphone charger at once . In fact , it can also be used to turn on jumbo TVs .

" With the DCRS , large LED TVs and three 40 W - fans can be activated from a distance of 5 meters , " said Professor Rim , as quoted from Eurekalert Phones Online ( 04/17/2014 ) .

RIM added that this technology can not be marketed commercially , given the relatively high cost of components plus assembly that is not a short term .


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Keajaiban" di Maraton Boston

This story appeared in the pages of The Washington Post 22 April 2014 issue , a day after the Boston Marathon an annual event . The uploads are no longer tells the story of a devastating explosion last year marathon for the Patriot 's Day . It's a story about sportsmanship , toughness , heroism , and sincerity .

This paper tells the story of a runner , the man from Massachusetts who declined to be named at his request , looks shaky at mile 41 of the marathon. It's a common sight in the arena of the Boston Marathon .

The man looks almost collapsed . Feet and hands shaking . However , he was a distance runner who had 41 yards . At that time , the runners of the old category of athletes have completed the race .

Exhausted , this man is one among thousands of participants of the Boston Marathon who are aware would never be a champion marathon but kept running . They ran because it loves to run .

Her body shaking right in front of the restaurant The Forum , location last year where one of the bombs exploded and killed three runners , at 15:00 local time ahead as well as the time bomb exploded a year ago .

Is Dave Meyer ( 57 ) , runners from the same category , is located right behind him. Runners from Greyslake , Illinois , is also currently in a state earned - Worse yet before the finish line , running far below normal speed . For him at the time, the goal is to complete a marathon run .

" I was stopped at Boylston Street , looking up and seeing the finish line . 's When I thought , thank God . I just focus on getting there and getting a few drops of water , " said Meyer . Shuffled , Meyer got to where the unnamed man was shaking . He saw how his fellow runners legs shook .

" I was approached about mile 41 . I see the other runners in front of me , his legs unsteady . Looked like he was about to collapse ... , " Meyer said while staring . " At that time , when there was no difference for me ... I know how important it is for me finish this marathon . So I know , it's important to finish the marathon man . "

Thus , Meyer also supporting the runner who almost collapsed , the man put his left arm around his shoulders . Together, thought Meyer , both of them will be able to finish the Boston Marathon .

" I kept saying to him , we will succeed . We will work but you have to help me to get there , " said Meyer . But these runners could no nothing. She had run out of energy . Meyer grip slipping sweaty hands . Meyer had almost given up helping him . Meyer 's own feet had almost no longer able to move .

" I thought , I would fall with him , " recalls Meyer . However , Jim Grove arrived . No difference with Meyer , Grove is a veteran marathon runner , it is important to try out 10 marathons in Texas . Again , not unlike Meyer , she was having a bad marathon course .

" This is my worst marathon for my running , " recalls Grove on Tuesday . " This is the toughest marathon ever I lead but no one can stop me to finish it . " Approaching mile marker 41 , Grove stopped down at his feet that ran weak , looked up , and saw two men fighting in front of him .

Again, the views of the people who struggled finishing the race is not rare in the Boston Marathon . The competition was held under the blazing sun with tens of thousands of people crammed , ran together . Many runners give up lying in the streets or sat slumped on the roadside .

" I saw this guy really struggling and people behind him to help him . So , I began to approach them , " said Grove . " ( Meyer ) obvious difficulty holding this guy but he did not give up . He ( Meyer ) will not let it fall . So , I grabbed one the other hand the runners . We lifted him on our shoulders and began to move again to the finish line . "

In silence and pains , the three people running and limping along towards the finish . Tiredness clearly reflected in their faces , based on the pictures that were scattered . However , Meyer and Grove effort was not enough to help the exhausted runners . " I'm starting to think that we might not been able to , but then ... "

Two rescuers came . Mike Johnson ( 47 ) comes first . Runners from Stillwater , Minnesota , has been experienced by 20 marathons but only two times following the Boston Marathon . The first time he followed this marathon was last year , when he stopped no more than 1 kilometer from the location of the bomb that exploded .

This year , Johnson was determined to finish the Boston Marathon . Determination Johnson was nearing reality . He ran melipir left , exchanging high-fives with the crowd as much as possible , share the success of his determination . Until , less than 1 kilometer before the finish line he saw three people who share a shoulder and foot fighting finish the race .

Close behind Johnson , Kathy Goodwin ran over . Seattle accountant of the left side of the road combing getting closer to the finish . He had just run straight but suddenly turned, facing the three men who were sharing the shoulder and Johnson . " What can I help you ? " Goodwin asked .

As with the men , Goodwin also currently undergoing marathon sad . He was exhausted and his time was impressive . " This is the hardest I live and I can only imagine how difficult that lived runners who run out of energy . "

Thus , Goodwin admitted he decided to finish the marathon if only these people also touched the finish line . " Let us take the leg , " said Goodwin , do not remember who said it . Suddenly , Johnson grabbed the man's right foot and left foot Goodwin raised the same person . " This year , everyone must finish the race , " Goodwin determination .

A few hundred feet before the finish , the exhausted man pleads to four " teams " dadakannya . " Let me go . Allow me walking towards the finish . I have to finish this ( on my feet ) itself , " he said , although his body has been completely exhausted .

When the crowd hooting audience voiced support for the fifth runner , Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin lose him . " We made ​​a decision , " Meyer recalls . " Let's take it down . Lets let him go alone , " he said . Thus , each of the five runners finish Boston Marathon .

Momentarily united by actual exhaustion equally they feel , four good people no longer talk to the runners who ran out of energy . Medics had immediately grabbed him and providing care .

Meyer , Grove , Johnson , and Goodwin also said the exchange was so complete a marathon . " Actually , there is almost no real conversation at the time, " recalls Grove . " The young woman ( Goodwin ) looked at me , and I stared at him , then we swapped lay our hands on shoulder and smiling . (But ) we never said a word. "

Stunned and exhausted , Johnson stumble when approaching the medical tent . " I really miss them . I cried . I just kept my head down . When I looked up , everyone was gone . "

Boston Marathon , 21 April 2014 , actually proves to the world . Two blasting events near the finish line at the marathon last year did not dampen the least number of participants in this year's race . Five runners , becoming one more proof about the real meaning of the Boston Marathon .
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This is the story of four runners who help one another runner who almost collapsed , to jointly complete the Boston Marathon . This is heroism , courage , kindness . " Miracle " Boston Marathon .


PAN Not Determine Coalition Partners

Chairman of the National Mandate Party Hatta Rajasa said the party is still open political communication with all parties . According to him , the PAN has not determined by which party will form a coalition .

"If political communication that goes on and I think all political parties in political communication , " he said in Ballroom Djakarta Theater , Jakarta , Monday, April 21, 2014 .
( Read: jual burung )

Hatta said today his party is still building intensive communication with Gerindra party , the Democrats , Golkar , PKS , and PDIP . He asserted that not a single party that is close to a deal with the PAN . "Everything is still fluid , " he said . ( Read also : PAN still hide Coalition )

Hatta emphasized the important thing is all the parties did not address whether differences in ideology -based nationalist or Islamic . According to him , all parties must work together to face the challenges that will face Indonesia . "Therefore it is necessary that a great togetherness , do not distinguish ideology . All parties have the same ideology , " he said .

Regarding the possibility that he will be paired with a candidate Gerindra , Prabowo , Hatta judge it reasonable . "People always right to fit the last Hatta later Prabowo with no more Prabowo with others , " he said . Hatta asserted that he may not necessarily be the vice presidential candidate of a particular party .


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Toshiba Announces World's Fastest MicroSD

Toshiba Corp. claims that its latest product MicroSD memory card is the fastest in the world . MicroSD is intended for smartphones and mobile devices .

Reported Japantoday , Sunday ( 04/20/2014 ) , this device is compatible with UHS - II , an ultra high speed specified in the SD Memory Card Standard Ver . 4.20. This storage card will be available in 32GB and 64GB models .

For the 32GB model , the maximum read speed that can be achieved is 260 MB per second , while the maximum write speed of 240 MB per second . Special models of 64GB , the device has the capability to read 145 per second and 130 MB per second write .
( Read: opera mini untuk nokia e63 )

For MicroSD size , the speed is claimed to be the average of the fastest transfer current . Compared UHS -I 32GB microSD artificial Toshiba already circulating at the moment, there are approximately 2.7 -fold increase in the ability to read and write 8-fold improvement .

With this rapid capability , users can get benefits such as faster data transfer time . In addition , it also supports a memory card so that users can be snapped next picture or a mode of ' continuously ' more quickly , because the first image is stored quickly in the mobile storage .

Memory cards with faster data transfer capability can also support the professional photographer to get the images right moment , because of the support of high-speed mode the camera continuously used . Not yet known what the price tag of Toshiba 's new microSD artificial .


Keeping Bacteria-Free Contact Lenses

The users should not rely on contact lens cleaning liquid to kill the bacteria contained in the contact lens . Besides carefully cleaned , use of contact lenses may also not arbitrary.

If we do not keep cleaning contact lenses , there is a type of bacteria called microbial keratitis that can survive in contact lens cleaning solutions for more than 4 hours .

In the United States , more than 30000-50000 cases of microbial keratitis infections . This infection causes symptoms of pain in the eyes , blurred vision , sensitivity to light , eye keeps out water , and ooze . If you experience these symptoms , immediately unplug eye contact lenses and consult a doctor .

Infectious keratitis can lead to impaired vision left , even at extreme blindness .

There are a few tips to keep in mind the contact lens wearers to maintain the hygiene of the eye glass lens replacement .

- Always wash hands with soap and water , then dry your hands before touching the contact lens .

- Although the cleaning fluid in the bottle says " do not need to be rubbed " , but still gently rub the contact lenses when cleaning . Microorganisms are sometimes mixed with organic materials such as proteins of the eye that can not be eliminated simply by soaking .

- Do not sleep wearing contact lenses , eye doctor unless stated it's okay .

- Do not wear contact lenses bath . Besides always remove contact lenses before swimming or bathing in hot water so that the water is not contaminated contact lenses .
( Read: video anis merah teler )

- Replace contact lenses when their useful life is over, even if it's still comfortable to wear .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Schoolgirl Containing Sabu Participate UN Suspects in Prison

Nunukan District Education Office , North Borneo , ensuring 3 -grade student of SMK in Sebatik who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant the national exam to complete. He joined the national exam in prison Nunakan.

" Once there is a recommendation from the district court and may be implemented in prisons , I carried on. Same time with the national exams in school , " said Head of Secondary Education Rahadi , Thursday ( 04/17/2014 ) .

Rahadi sure , test execution for pregnant girls in prison are also monitored from the school and from college . Nunukan , only one pregnant students who took the national exam .

" Only one I think , he used to be , like there's no obstacle . Supervisor there , and the teachers of the college . Supplied special room in the prison . Supervisor is definitely of the school and the college, " said Rahadi .

Earlier, Chairman of the Board of Education Nunukan Syafarudin Taliban said it would seek Sebatik senior high school students who had been imprisoned for possession of methamphetamine and being pregnant still take the exam equation Package C because they can not follow the national exam .
( Read: cucak ijo banyuwangi )

SMK Sebatik reportedly could not test due to follow the legal process of methamphetamine possession case .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DPD PDIP Establishments Receive Many Election Fraud Reports

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPD ) of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) Boy Bernadi Sadikin admitted receiving a lot of short messages ( SMS ), which reported a variety of fraud during the legislative elections in 2014.

" Almost five DPC no reports of fraud , " said Boy Kompas.com when contacted on Wednesday ( 04/15/2014 ) afternoon .

Indications form of cheating , continued Boy , for example, the difference in numbers during the initial tally at polling stations ( TPS ) with in the village , to the practice of money politics .

Boy admits that it gets difficult to find evidence of such reports . Nevertheless, he still ranks DPC instructed to provide evidence of the fraud .

" So we can proof , submit immediately wrote into law . 's New SMS reports it , we seriously to drop out of this , " said Boy .

Based on the vote tally while in Jakarta , PDI - P winning with 30.45 percent ( 759,699 votes) to the House and 27.67 percent ( 649 816 ) to Parliament .
(see also: suara burung kenari )

The second sequence is occupied Gerindra scooped 341,698 votes or 13.59 percent for the House and 355 843 votes or 14.17 percent for the City Council .


The more smart, Glasses Can Detect Cancer Cells

Cancer is no longer a rare disease . Moreover, the disease sometimes can not be eradicated completely and rather difficult to detect . For that one of the scientists developed a special smart glasses that can be used to detect cancer cells .

High-tech goggles that is claimed to help surgeons to identify and eradicate cancer cells by highlighting the affected tissue when they perform surgery .

In addition , this device also allows the surgeon to record and observe operations , which has been tested in patients suffering from breast cancer and skin cancer .

The glasses can even reduce the risk of a second surgery . Diseased and healthy tissue is often difficult to distinguish , and therefore many surgeons are even eradicate healthy tissue so cancer cells can then grow back .
( Read: cara download video youtube tanpa software )

According to Business Week reports , between 20 and 40 percent of women who undergo lumpectomy or breast cancer surgery , was forced to go back again to perform a second operation .

Glasses that have not been named, is now being developed by Dr. Samuel Achilefu , professor of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis , who was inspired to design sunglasses military technology .

Citing the pages of The Week , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) , he is reported to have started making prototypes with funds obtained from the National Cancer Institute . To use this lens , doctors must first inject the patient with infrared fluorescent marker , which flows into the body and trapped within the cancer cells .

During surgery , an infrared sensor on the glasses will detect the location of diseased cells and displays them to the eyeglass lenses . " This is a smart device that is very useful for the health of the world and I think this could be used in so many places , " said Achilefu .

For the production cost of a pair of glasses , estimated to cost U.S. $ 10 thousand or approximately USD 114 million . The project will likely be completed by the end of this year .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Foreign funds in Rp 19 Trillion Since the Declaration of Candidates Jokowi

Jakarta - The flow of foreign funds into the trading floor is quite large in recent weeks . In total , from the beginning of the year until yesterday the total foreign funds reached Rp 30.9 trillion .

During the same period , foreign investors bought a net 7.7 trillion in the past 12 months . Given that net sales , foreign funds are still ' parked ' in the Indonesian Stock Exchange ( BEI ) as much as Rp 30.9 trillion last .

" One interesting point of purchase foreign investors are the net purchases amounted to Rp 19 trillion since Jokowi forward as a candidate for president of Indonesia from the PDI - P party , " said Daewoo Securities Research results cited detikFinance Indonesia , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .
see alsojual vitamin burung )

The Jakarta Composite Index ( JCI ) tumbled after the announcement of the quick count General Election ( Election ) Legislature . Because the PDI - P did not win a majority so it can not appoint an independent presidential candidate .

" It Attracted the attention of many investors , especially foreign investors on the trading day after doing a quick count of the year net sales of Rp 1.5 trillion . , But we want to show that there is nothing to worry about and made ​​into a bearish sentiment , " According to the research it .

The Evidence Suggests , foreign investors have been net buyers of Rp 20.4 trillion from March 14 until April 10 . This condition According to this research , Suggests that the massive sales Thursday just a small incident .

According to Daewoo domestic stock market valuations are still high Because It has a P / E ratio of 15x Compared to the average emerging market with a P / E of 11x .

" It is our estimate will be even better if we look at the possible existence of government policy reforms that will project the performance of the issuer for the ride , " said the research .

At the time Jokowi PDIP declared candidates on Friday, March 14 , 2014 , JCI fly 152 476 points ( 3:23 % ) to a level of 4878.643 . While the LQ45 index closed flew 36 261 points ( 4:56 % ) to a level of 830 668

Composite Index climbed to its highest point this year . Busy buying stocks Occurs in all layers . Transaction recorded net purchases of foreign investors ( foreign net buy ) worth Rp 1:45 trillion in the regular market .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holds four sub-districts in Polewali Re Election

Legislative elections in four districts in eight polling stations ( TPS ) in Polewali Mandar , West Sulawesi , repeated on Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

Previously , local Supervisory Committee recommends the re-election due to administrative violations , following a ballot " wrong address " Produktion electoral district voters who punched in a number of polling stations in Polewali Mandar , on 9 April 2014 elections ago .

"According to the Supervisory Committee recommendations , eight polling stations in four districts will be repeated following the findings of constituencies Produktion punched ballots in Polewali Mandar , " said Commission Chairman Polewali Mandar , Muhammad Daniel after holding a plenary meeting at the Commission 's office , Sunday ( 04/13/2014 ) yesterday .

Explained , ballot electoral district V Produktion in four districts in Polewali Mandar , the District of Tinambung sub , Limboro , Tapango , and Pambusuang . Balloting in the four districts was assessed as an administrative offense and clearly detrimental to the vote and the party candidates .

Daniel said , the Commission is currently carrying out the consolidation , including written to all political parties contesting the election , so that , today ( Monday, 04/14/2014 ) to prepare a witness for re-election process , tomorrow .

Furthermore , the entire cost of the election , including poll workers salaries , TPS construction to be budgeted Linmas Commission .
( see also: obat burung gacor )

Accordingly, the Commission began outreach to residents and will soon send invitations repeat voting . This is done to increase the participation of citizens .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Apple's New Product Line From Q2

CALIFORNIA - Apple diperkirakan Mulai meluncurkan jajaran Produk Terbaru kuartal pada II (Q2 ) 2014 Produk ini antara lain iWatch , iPhone 6, MacBook Air, iMac give murah . .

Dilansir Apple Insider, Jumat ( 11/4/2014 ) kuartal pada II , Apple hanya yang akan dijual merilis iMac baru dengan Harga terjangkau .

Sedangkan menurut catatan Penelitian analis KGI , Ming -Chi Kuo, kuartal tahun ini akan menjadi III saat - saat meriah bagi Apple. Pasalnya Perusahaan Air Akan give merilis iPad iPad mini Terbaru , dua versi iWatch , iPhone 4.7 inci , App TV baru , baru inci MacBook 12 , MacBook Pro gives Pembaruan lini
(see also: Waptrick Download)

Produk baru dengan jajaran , kecuali Kategori Produk baru , Kuo memperkirakan kuartal III saat - saat akan menjadi penting bagi give Apple bagaimana melihat publik depan Perusahaan mass .

" Kami akan menjadi yakin iWatch Apple Produk penting tahun ini paling , melebihi iPhone 6. Tanggapan Ini Juga akan menjadi yang harus diluncurkan mengenai Produk untuk apakah membuktikan Apple masih bisa ' mengubah permainan ' di Bawah kendali Tim Cook ( Apple CEO ) , " Kuo jelas .

Kuo menilai , jika Apple iWatch berhasil persaingan maka Selama hingga lime 10 tahun lagi mendatang tidak hanya sebagai Perusahaan Teknologi , Juga vendor melainkan fashion brand .


Ukraine crisis, the U.S. and Russia Urges Peace Solution

U.S. Secretary of State and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia agreed to seek a peaceful solution to the crisis that occurred Ukraine . According to officials , urging a peaceful solution was delivered following the occupation of the city government building in eastern Ukraine by the pro - Russian demonstrators .

According to the BBC , the Ukrainian government itself has called for convening a dialogue end this crisis . Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry , head of EU Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton and Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Deshchytsia next week to discuss the crisis .

This meeting will be the first meeting since Russia annexed Crimea in February . Russia 's own troops are still deployed in the border of Ukraine . Senior U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland , said the hope is not excessive convening talks . Even so , he said , is very important to keep the diplomatic door open .

A spokesman for the U.S. State Department said on Wednesday Jen Psaki then Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the importance of a peaceful solution through dialogue to end the crisis Ukraine . They themselves also reject the use of military force .

Kerry and Lavrov spoke twice by phone to discuss tensions in Ukraine are increasing. In previous talks with the U.S. secretary of state , Lavrov said further talks would be focused on the dialogue between the citizens of Ukraine , and not the bilateral relations between the participants .
(see also: lomba burung cendet)

Earlier, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said anti - terrorism operation being conducted in three regions of Ukraine for 48 hours . Moscow also warned Ukraine that stop the crisis by military force could lead to civil war .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Great guts to face DC Comics Marvel Studios

Although potentially reduce the proceeds from the Man of Steel : Superman Vs Batman , Warner Bros. and DC Comics apparently not keen to back down from their fight against the latest projects Marvel Studios and Walt Disney , Captain America 3 .

So , what is the response Chris Evans - Captain America actor - related to this fight ?
" It was embarrassing to discuss it . " Evans replied .

" At this point , one must leave the date . Unless the two distributors were already crazy enough to take mutual advantage of each . " Further director Captain America : The Winter Soldier , Joe and Anthony Russo .

Nevertheless , as officials confirmed Dan Fellman of Warner Bros. , they will still put up the Man of Steel 2 at a predetermined release schedule . As a result of the decision , May 6, 2016 may be referred to as an overt battle between DC Comics and Marvel Studios on the big screen .
(see also: pakan burung)

Dan Fellman ascertained as Warner Bros. executives , it will still put their Man of Steel : Superman Vs Batman in the release schedule has been determined .

Listen track record both , Captain America and the Man of Steel could say almost always print the amazing results in every premieres .
Call it the Man of Steel who broke the record in June with an opening of $ 113.1 million and Captain America : The Winter Soldier who has just made ​​a new record in April through the opening valued at USD 96.2 million .

Not surprisingly , those who will win later on May 6, 2016 , both are definitely going to be a new story in the history of the superhero genre


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

5 reasons women should get pregnant before age 35 years

Having offspring is one thing that is desired by many women . Often recommended for women to have their first child at an early age of 20 years and not more than 35 years . First pregnancy at the age of 35 years will increase the risk of complications , miscarriage , and others .

Although it is known that the risk varies depending on the health and care of women during pregnancy and childbirth does , but it would be safer if the first pregnant woman under the age of 35 years . Here are some reasons why pregnant women should for the first time under the age of 35 years , as reported by Mag for Women .

1 . A woman's body changes at age 35 years
When it gets older and older , a woman's body undergoes many changes . When the 35 -year -old woman's body will adjust and tend not appropriate for pregnant and give birth normally . At that time, the body will be more at risk for miscarriage or other complications during pregnancy .

2 . Conditions and diseases
There are several conditions experienced by women as they get older , such as diabetes and blood pressure . This can affect their pregnancy and cause problems such as pre - eclampsia or pregnancy wine . Women who are pregnant at the age of 35 years were also more likely to experience problems conceiving compared with younger women .

3 . Higher risk of miscarriage
Because of age , women who choose to have children over the age of 35 years have a greater risk of miscarriage or their babies who died at birth . In addition , the annual risk of a woman aged 35 gave birth to babies with birth defects were also higher compared with younger women .

4 . disease age
The older a person , then they are also more prone to age-related diseases . In addition , as the disease usually requires medication and routine maintenance . When pregnant , women should be extra careful while taking the drug , and should not split their focus on disease and pregnancy .

5 . cesarean risk
Women who have a first baby at the age of 35 years are more at risk cesarean delivery . This can be affected by the health of the mother or the feared complications will occur when natural childbirth .
(see also: lomba burung dara)

Although giving birth at the age of 35 years had risks above , but the decision to have a child of any age back to each woman . Many women who gave birth at the age of 35 years and have a healthy baby . The most important thing is to always maintain the health of the mother and fetus and often in order to check their contents remain smooth and healthy pregnancy


Monday, March 31, 2014

North Korean onslaught Forcing Displaced Population

Mutual action between the troops fired artillery North Korea and South Korea in waters near two disputed islands has forced residents living on the island of Yeongpyeong dam Baengnyeon to leave his home . They were evacuated to shelters that are considered safe .
(see also: waptrick)

The location is situated less than 20 kilometers from the North Korean coastal artillery base , " the official said , as reported by Yonhap , Monday, March 31, 2014 ( see also : Two Korean Start Attacking Each Other ) .

South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea with reasonable conduct combat exercises have fired about 500 artillery into waters north of the Northern Limit Line ( NLL ) in the Yellow Sea , Monday, March 31, 2014 . Shots as it is done continuously for three hours . North Korea also sent F - 15K fighter jets approached the maritime border between the two countries .

South Korean forces , the official said , also had fired 300 artillery into South Korean waters in return . North Korea 's action coincided with the convening joint combat exercises between the United States and South Korea .

With North Korea 's firing of action , according to defense ministry spokesman Kim Min South Korea , making South Korean forces and the U.S. military increased surveillance and vigilance in all corners of the country to prepare for the possibility of serious provocation . " If North Korea shot using exercise as an excuse to launch provocations near the South Korean island and the beaches , we will respond firmly , " he said .

The North Korean government has intensified its aggressive rhetoric and conduct a series of ballistic missile tests and rocket respond annual joint military exercises taking place between South Korea and the United States .

Governments in Washington and Seoul say that this year's exercise routine and defensive . On the other hand , the government exercises Pyongyang considers the war with America - South Korea to invade North Korea . (see also: situs download film gratis)

Escalation of tensions in the region increased after North Korean leader Kim Jong - un issued threats will conduct the fourth nuclear test , Sunday, March 23, 2014 . News Other North and South conflict

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Four Bird Species In Stamps

Four Bird Species In Stamps

Bogor , INDONESIA - Bird BIRD Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Forestry , Ministry of Communications and Information Technology , and PT . Pos Indonesia celebrates the diversity of birds in Indonesia to launch stamp series " Indonesian Endangered Birds " at the Garden on Sunday ( July 15 ) . Four Indonesian endangered bird species that adorn these stamps are eagles flores ( Nisaetus florist ) , mandar drum ( Habroptila wallacii ) , plop Siau ( Otus siaoensis ) , and bird - honey Sangihe ( Aethopyga duyvenbodei ) . (see also: obat burung)

At the event also signed First Day Cover ( FDC ) stamp series " Indonesian Endangered Birds " by the Ministry of Forestry . Stamps of four endangered bird species is printed as many as 50 thousand pieces in the form of minisheet and 300 thousand shares for fullsheet .
(see also: vitamin burung)

Chairman of the Board of Wild Bird Conservation Society of Indonesia ( Indonesia Bird ) Mardiastuti Ani stated that July 15 is a day of celebration of the diversity of birds in Indonesia that also Indonesian Bird Birthday 10th . " Through stamps expected appreciation society for the preservation of birds and their habitats in Indonesia will increase " said Ani .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Indonesian wildlife is now Already Extinct

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources ( IUCN ) has released a range of Indonesian species that have been officially declared extinct . Of course it is we as a society blindly Indonesia shame because it could not establish the existence of these animals . Here are some of the endangered species which has now been declared extinct .
(see also: pakan burung)

Javan tiger

Javan tiger ( Panthera tigris sondaica ) is one of the endangered species declared extinct in the 1980s due to agricultural land clearing and hunting animals . There is a possibility of the extinction of these animals Javanese began in the 1950s when the Javan tiger tail only just found 25 . In 1979 , the only remaining tiger as much as 3 tails . However , there is also a small possibility that this star is actually mentioned yet extinct . In the 1990s there were reports of these animals is not known although the truth .

Javan tiger has a smaller body size compared with other types of tigers . Male tiger weighs 100-141 kg and a length of 2.43 meters , while the female has a lighter weight 75-115 kg and its size is shorter .

 bali tiger

Bali tiger ( Panthera tigris balica ) is a type of tiger is the smallest of the three subspecies . Final extinction of the Bali tiger is very tragic , where his last tiger was shot in 1925 and also declared extinct subspecies and also on 27 September 1937 . The cause of this extinction because forests are considered slight , small islands , and the population is also not much at that time .

pheasants double striped (see also: pakan burung kacer)

Argus striped double ( Argusianus bipunctatus ) is a species of bird which is believed to live in Indonesia precisely in Java and Sumatra . This beast has the same genus with Argus King ( Argusianus argus ) . Although it was never found , but his description is based on feathers identified in London in 1871 . IUCN finally decided to enter the animal extinct status .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Together with the giant shark swim

SHARK pope or the local Filipino community call "butandings" is the largest fish in the world which has a length of 14 meters and weigh more than 1,500 pounds. Whale sharks are routinely seen in Donsol, Sorogon, particularly in February through April.
( see also: lomba burung )

Travelers can snorkel or swim while feeding the benign giant animals. Sweetheart this one turned shark species is one that is almost extinct among other shark species.

This shark species threatened shark hunting wild because of the high demand for shark fins and the high price of oil on the market. In addition, unregulated tourism also reduce the number of these animals.

But in Donsol, you can swim with whale sharks without threatening the population. Whale sharks in Donsol Tourism supervised by a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) environmentalists, so it would be safe for the animal.( see also: lomba burung piala raja 2014 )

is the largest fish in the world which has a length of 14 meters and weigh more than 1,500 pounds. Whale sharks are routinely seen in Donsol, Sorogon