Sunday, May 11, 2014

Vimeo Blocked Speedy , Telkom 's Explanation

Jakarta - Telkom admits has come to block the video-sharing site Vimeo through the Internet Speedy . However, according to Vice President of Public Relations Arif Prabowo Telkom as a company spokesman , it was done not because of Telkom 's own initiative .

" All I know ( Vimeo ) into the list ( site to be blocked ) in the Trust + Administrator, so that all the ISPs ( Internet service providers ) should note that based on that database , " said Arif as confirmed detikINET on blocking this Monday ( 12 / 5/2014 ) .

Telkom as one aka the internet service provider ISP in Indonesia, according to the powerless in determining which sites should be blocked . All based on a list provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Trust + updates .

"Similarly to unblock the sites in the list of Trust + like Vimeo . We also had to wait for an update from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology , " he explained .

It had previously been described by Indra Utoyo , Director of IT Solutions & Strategic Portfolio Telkom , as a follow-up letter is admin Trust + Kominfo distributed to all telecom operators and ISPs , dated May 9, 2014 . ( Read: cara membuat blog )

" All that is said by Mr. Indra Utoyo is correct . Could be checked to other operators , they all receive email updates related trusts + database around the 9th of May," he concluded .


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