Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kill Ex-Girlfriend Family, Called Gugum Predator

The murder of his ex-girlfriend family conducted by Ramadan Gumilang aka Gugum come under fire from residents about the Goddess , ex offenders .

" We condemn ( Goddess of family murders by Gugum ) . 's Like a predator . Whatever the reason , he killed a family , " said Ujang Umar , Chairman of RT 06 Pot Jaya Village , District Pot , Tangerang City .
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Representing the residents around the Goddess , Ujang also stated that the residents want the perpetrator punished severely . In addition , the added Ujang , he advised the police to check the condition of psychiatric co Gugum sadistic acts were considered unreasonable and very cruel .

Separately , Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of Tangerang City Metro Police said that Gugum AKBP Sutarmo is undergoing psychiatric tests . The test is one step to more in-depth investigation into the case .

" Currently psychological tests are being carried out , this was intentionally done to determine the mental condition of the victim , " said Sutarmo .

For a while the murder motive , Sutarmo suspect as the perpetrator hurt to the families who would not approve of his relationship with the Goddess .

There is no direct statement about the financial issues between Gugum and mother Goddess , Heryanti ( 45 ) . As a result of his actions , Gugum worn layered article , namely Article 338 of Murder , Article 340 of the Murder Plans , and Section 351 of the persecution with a maximum penalty of imprisonment for life .


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