Saturday, May 3, 2014

U.S. Embassy PMI-degree blood donation campaign in six cities

Indonesian Red Cross and the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta , together with Governmental Organization ( NGO ) Blood4Life , will hold a national blood donation campaign 6-7 May 2014 at six locations in the country .

The national blood donation campaign will be held simultaneously in Jakarta , Yogyakarta , Padang , Ambon , Makassar , and Bandung , sebagaiamana quoted from the U.S. Embassy press release received by Reuters on Saturday.

In Jakarta , blood donation locations that target all levels of society will be concentrated in the U.S. Cultural Center , Building @ america . While in other cities will be held at the Institute of Technology Bandung , West Java , South Sulawesi, Makassar Hassanudin University , University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta , Pattimura University Ambon , Maluku , and Andalas University in Padang , West Sumatra .
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The U.S. Embassy said the blood donation campaign in 2014, this is the third time since 2012 . At that time , the blood donation is only done in Jakarta managed to collect 260 units of blood . Then in 2013 , activities expanded to six cities , and managed to collect 1000 units of blood .

According to the standard World Health Organization ( WHO ) , PMI expects to gathering 4.5 million units of blood per year. According to the U.S. Embassy , PMI is currently able to collect 3.5 million bags of blood .

To increase public participation in this event , the U.S. Embassy and the organizers socialize blood donors through social media Twitter and Instagram . Implementation of blood donors at each location will be conducted at 08:30 until 16:00 local time .

Most locations collects blood donors will receive an award from the U.S. Embassy .


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