Thursday, May 22, 2014

Need Big Government Fund for Development of Drinking Water and Sanitation

The Indonesian government has been targeting , that coming in 2019 , all regions of Indonesia have access to drinking water and proper sanitation . In other words , the government is targeting 100 per cent of Indonesian people's access to drinking water and adequate sanitation in the year .

This was stated by Djoko Kirmanto at the Stakeholder 's Forum ( SF ) at the Grand City Convex , Surabaya , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) . It is stated in Law No. 17 of 2007 on RPJP 2005-2025 . However , to make it happen , the government need not fund a bit .

" To achieve the target of universal access by 2019 Indonesia needs Rp 274.8 trillion, or about 27 billion USD for the development of drinking water , while for the development of proper sanitation needs Rp 385.3 trillion, or about 39 billion USD , " said Djoko .
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According to Djoko , the fund is not only borne by the government itself . The Government requires assistance of other stakeholders , such as local governments , water management and sanitation , private sector , banks , international agencies , donors , and the wider community .

In addition , Djoko also said that the government had not only require financing , but also the innovative technology . Innovation is intended for institutional strengthening and sustainability of supply of raw water .

According to BPS data in 2013 , as many as 67.73 percent of Indonesia's population already has access to safe drinking water . The number was increased by 29.97 percent from 1993 performance of 37.73 percent . Meanwhile , on the achievements of the Indonesian people access to sanitation by 2013 has reached 59.71 percent , an increase of 34.9 percent from the achievements of 1993, which is 24.81 percent . Based on these data revealed that there is still a considerable distance to reach 100 percent .

To that end , various measures had to be taken to meet the government 's ambition . One of them , technology exchange , discussion of issues surrounding water and sanitation , as well as increased competition related parties .

The role of Indonesia

Implementation Stakeholder 's Forum ( SF ) of the Indonesia International Water Week 2014 began on Wednesday ( 21/05/2014 ) to Friday ( 23.05.2014 ) in Surabaya was relevant and necessary . SF activities carried out as a first step to collect the issues and creative solutions to face the MDG targets for 2015 and to contribute drinking water and sanitation agenda at the Preparatory Meeting Habitat Asia Pacific Region 2015 to be held in Indonesia .

Director General (DG ) of Human Settlements , Ministry of Public Works Ernawi S. Imam said Indonesia needs to do more to prepare a variety of strategies and establish communication between the Country through various forums in the Asia Pacific . Indonesia International Water Week is one of them . Through these forums , the Imam also " poked " embodies the government's goal of sustainable settlements .

In line with the Imam , Director of Water Development DGHS Ministry of Public Works Soetjiono Danny also said the same thing . According to Danny , the event will be a source of knowledge exchange . With attractive packaging , Danny also hopes the event laden results .

" This activity aims to elaborate the issues of water and sanitation , especially in the Asia - Pacific region, enhancing the competence of human resources through the exchange of knowledge and experience in water and sanitation services as well as technology development , provides a wide range of input related to global issues of water and sanitation in particular in the Asia-Pacific region and in international forums , "said Danny .

" Technically , the SF - 2014 will be packaged in a more practical and high - techagar all participants can be more active and interconnected with the class / another discussion table , " he added .


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