Monday, May 26, 2014

Used daily, Lifting Equipment Water Hyacinth in Pluit Reservoir Damaged

Heavy equipment is used to remove water hyacinth plants in Pluit Reservoir , North Jakarta , has been damaged . Though it is a new tool used daily , on Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) .

" Still new has broken . Was now again the same technicians dismantled , " said Suwitno , nonpermanent employees of North Jakarta Cleanliness Sub-Department is responsible for the removal of water hyacinth , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Mudjiono , technicians who repair heavy equipment , said , this only happens when a small problem on the conveyance of water hyacinth . Once repaired , the machine can be re- operated .

" It's not a big deal , just bolt on the blade drive are broken . Having repaired will resume operations , " said Mudjiono .
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Currently , some city office workers are forced to stop lifting water hyacinth . They wait until the machine was repaired and returned to function .

Cleaning water hyacinth plants in Pluit Reservoir again made ​​available after two heavy equipment . Since the end of last year , the dam project was stopped due to the normalization of the implementation of the agreement has not been bearers of heavy equipment procurement responsibilities between the government and private parties .


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